Mochi - Sushi & Grill Restaurant

Mochi was founded in 2011 and opened its doors in january 2012.

Sandra, Nicole, Eduard and Tobi, all 4 connects a deep passion for japanese food, culture and hospitality. It was always the idea for the founders not only to open another japanese fusion restaurant in Vienna, it was to create something special.

o.m.k. – Take-away & Deli

o-m-k “omochikaeri” launched in January 2014. A selection of Japanese crockery, groceries, ready-made sushi in combination with freshly prepared food to take-away is the essential idea of o-m-k.

2019 o-m-k was extended to o-m-k deli with a coffee shop offering
Japanese snacks, homemade pastries and soft serve ice cream.

2022 a second o.m.k in the first district was opened.

Mochi Ramen Bar the next addition to the Mochi Family. A small market stall located on Vorgartenmarkt in the 2nd Viennese district is home to Mochi Ramen Bar. The main focus as the name says are Ramen, soups with Japanese noodles (Ramen) and various toppings in addition
to a small selection of starters, craft beer, sake, cocktails and natural wine.

Kikko Bā the newest family member opened its doors in 2019. It is based on the idea of serving small snacks to share as they are offered in all the locations. A wine and tapas bar would describe it best. Japanese sandos, constantly changing international influenced
small plates along with sake, high balls and natural/organic wines.

Our Team

Eddi owner
Nicole owner
Tobi owner
Sandra owner
Gerry managing director
Sandra executive manager
Philipp executive chef
Toni operation manager
Jenny hr manager
Tobi head of purchase
Manuel mochi chef de cuisine
Lukrecia mochi restaurant manager
Dominic mochi restaurant manager
Xu mochi restaurant manager
Heinrich executive manager of o.m.k 1010 & 1020
Petra o.m.k store manager
stefan head of o.m.k 1010
Miguel o.m.k. 1010 & 1020 chef de cuisine
o.m.k 1010 store manager
Alex mochi ramen bar chef de cuisine
Aldin mochi ramen bar restaurant manager
ana mochi ramen bar restaurant manager
Tim kikko bā chef de cuisine
Terez kikko bā restaurant manager
Silvie Mochi am Markt Restaurant Manager
Michael mochi am markt chef de cuisine
Mateusz logistics and facility management